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Summer Camps 2024

Dancing to the Stage Summer Camp

For young dancers of all abilities. Each day we will warm-up, take technique class, learn choreography and have fun! The camp will feature ballet, jazz and contemporary dance styles taught by professional dancers from the Next Reflex Dance Collective. We will also have games and arts and crafts each day. At the end of each week of camp, students get to perform choreography they have been working on during camp. Do you love to dance? Join us this summer.

Outreach and Education Programs

NRDC is committed to furthering dance education in our community in a variety of accessible programs for children, adults, and seniors. Contact us at info@nextreflex.org for more information about how we can come visit and do a workshop, master class, or performance. Below are a few examples of programs that NRDC can facilitate for your community.

K-12 School Programs - Performances and dance workshops that can be tailored to classroom topics including complimenting STEM and Language Arts programs.

Older Adult Facilities - Performances and Movement classes or Workshops with limited movement in mind or focusing on coordination, balance and mediation along with the creative self.

University and Colleges - Master classes and building choreography with your students. Classes focus on a release based technique including improvisation and inverted and physically demanding movement. Focus on the community and how we move as a group to support and work together is inherent in these classes.