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Outreach and Education Programs

NRDC is committed to furthering dance education in our community in a variety of accessible programs for children, adults, and seniors. Contact us at info@nextreflex.org for more information about how we can come visit and do a workshop, master class, or performance. Below are a few examples of programs that NRDC can facilitate for your community.

K-12 School Programs - Performances and dance workshops that can be tailored to classroom topics including complimenting STEM and Language Arts programs.

Older Adult Facilities - Performances and Movement classes or Workshops with limited movement in mind or focusing on coordination, balance and mediation along with the creative self.

University and Colleges - Master classes and building choreography with your students. Classes focus on a release based technique including improvisation and inverted and physically demanding movement. Focus on the community and how we move as a group to support and work together is inherent in these classes.